Last Night at the Viper Room

Before Leonardo DiCaprio, Johnny Depp or Brad Pitt take over Hollywood, there was an actor who was ready to become the next James Dean of his generation. River Phoenix, older brother of the famous actor Joaquin Phoenix, conquered Hollywood with his mysterious face and overdosed at the age of 23. Last Night at the Viper … Continue reading Last Night at the Viper Room


Woo! by Jurgen Teller

In 2013, Juergen Teller held an exhibition at the Institute of Contemporary Arts in London that covered a twenty-year period of his work, including family portraits, magazine assignments, recent ad campaigns, landscapes, and various personal projects. Being one of my favorite photographers, I found myself buying this book, that is all his work from that exhibition plus … Continue reading Woo! by Jurgen Teller

The Wes Anderson Collection

The Wes Anderson Collection is a book by Matt Zoller Seitz that talks about the director Wes Anderson and his process of filmmaking. Differently than any book I've seen, Matt Seitz spent twenty years of his life making this book, where he accompanied Anderson's career since the beginning, from Bottle Rocket, until his latest work, … Continue reading The Wes Anderson Collection

You and I – Ryan Mcginley

To start the blog, I will talk about my most likely favorite photographer of all times, Ryan McGinley, and his photography book, You and I, that I’ve recently purchased at Twin Palms publisher here in Santa Fe, New Mexico. With a beautiful baby blue hardcover, You and I collect the firsts photographs of Ryan McGinley … Continue reading You and I – Ryan Mcginley