Woo! by Jurgen Teller

In 2013, Juergen Teller held an exhibition at the Institute of Contemporary Arts in London that covered a twenty-year period of his work, including family portraits, magazine assignments, recent ad campaigns, landscapes, and various personal projects. Being one of my favorite photographers, I found myself buying this book, that is all his work from that exhibition plus more photos he decided to add in that book. The result is nothing else but his entire work.

When you start seeing the book there is some kind of irritation in your eyes because the photographs are displayed in a weird way, where all of them are in the top of each other which some of them you can see it entirely and some others you can’t. Not mentioning some photos repeats itself through the book. But after a while, you realize that’s just the Jurgen Teller way of taking photographs. With a material that remembers some sort of vintage Terry Richardson, the photos of Juergen Teller is a mix of celebrities, porn stars and strangers doing weird things and posing naked on museums. There is also all his campaign for Marc by Marc Jacobs and Celine. Not mentioning some personal photos of him in places that we don’t seem to recognize. The book is about 40 dollars and it’s really thick. For a photographer, I am really satisfied by purchasing that book because it’s literally the entire collection of work by Juergen Teller and it’s all displayed in an interesting way. Also, in the same month, Juergen Teller did the Movie Issue of W magazine, including some incredible photos that you can find below. Obviously, I’ve bought that too.

To know more about the work of Jurgen Teller, click here.


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