The Feminine World of Petra Collins

Being a huge fan of sexuality subjects, Petra Collins became my new obsession in the minute I’ve laid my eyes on her. Constantly being on the of pages of i-D and Dazed and Confused, the 21-year-old photographer catches the feminine world through her lenses and makes not only a beautiful body of work but also romantic, nostalgic and provocative. Friends with the amazing Ryan McGinley, Collins speaks about sexuality and its weirdness in funny and interesting ways, like the vagina t-shirt that Urban Outfitters picked to use in their collections, and the t-shirt where we can see someone masturbating. Yes, she does clothing too, like ads for the brand American Apparel. Not mentioning the photos she takes of artists sometimes, like Sky Ferreira.

You can check Petra Collins work on her website and her interesting tumblr here.




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