Videos from De Fursac

De Fursac is a high fashion clothing brand for men located in Paris since 1973. Despite their amazing classic style and concept, one of the things that got my attention was their references used not only as a brand concept but also in their advertisement and collections, which are nothing less than what this blog talks the most: American and French movies from the 60s.


Fashion short-films and commercials tend to be a little bit pretentious and dramatic. The ones produced by De Fursac, however, are pure cinematic homage to the golden age of Hollywood and the nouvelle vague era, almost being a fragment of a movie lost in time. What makes that happen is the fact that they don’t only focus on the clothing of the brand in their videos, but also in the little details of situations, transporting us to a time that we can only achieve by how we express ourselves through the clothes we wear and the things we like. Resuming in a sentence, their videos are awesome, and celebrate how to be a true gentleman. Better than trying to explain what the De Fursac videos are all about, is watching them, which in my opinion, are little works of art.

In “Memory Melody”, the model Adrien Sahores plays a man who spends the day in a recording studio. In “La Collection Printemps”, Clement Chabernaud and Martin Radich give an homage to Jean Luc Godar’s Contempt (1963). De Fursac’s “La Rencontre” it’s a beautiful short film about the meeting of a boy in a girl shot in La Jetée style. The last short, “Flight of Fancy” Adrien Sahores comes back as a musician and have problems during his creative process while he enjoys his inspirations.


If you liked the concept of De Fursac, they have an Instagram and Tumblr account full of amazing pictures that they use as inspiration. All these videos were directed by Sébastien Haddouk.


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