What’s in My Bag? (Europe Edition)

Papiro and Mint is back from Europe! And since it's been a little over a year since the post What's In My Bag?, I've decided to make a new one showing some of the treats I got from traveling through 9 countries and 14 cities in the last 55 days, which also has some stuff … Continue reading What’s in My Bag? (Europe Edition)


Clement Chabernaud for L’Officiel Hommes Turkey

Because why not? It's not the first time one of the most famous (and favorite) male models poses for one of the editorials of L'Officiel Hommes Turkey. But since Istanbul it's a place where Papiro and Mint has been recently and became very fond of, the combination with Mr. Chabernaud couldn't come in a better … Continue reading Clement Chabernaud for L’Officiel Hommes Turkey