The Smell of Us Photography Book

Sometimes, I really don't know how I manage to discover things. One day I was browsing through tumblr and ended up discovering there was an amazing book about the movie Nymphomaniac composed of photographies made by Casper Sejersen. Not only that, the book was available in a photography bookstore in the tiny city of Santa … Continue reading The Smell of Us Photography Book


Explicit Cinema by Rodrigo Gerace

Even though I prefer writing in English in my blog to gather a wider public, it becomes tricky when I find amazing materials in Portuguese that are not available in other languages. That's the case with this amazing book by Rodrigo Gerace, Cinema Explícito, or Explicit Cinema, that was published in Brazil not that long … Continue reading Explicit Cinema by Rodrigo Gerace

House of the Psychotic Boys

Lately I have been watching a lot of films that portray problematic teenagers with psychotic tendencies. The subject, which is one of my favorites in cinema and gained a similar post in the blog about prison, school, and reformatories; goes from boys that are discovering themselves as psychopaths to metaphors of the rise of the … Continue reading House of the Psychotic Boys

Photographers to Follow on Instagram

Since Papiro and Mint had to make another Instagram account due to the fact I lost my cellphone in Europe and the previous account was blocked, I've decided to make a post of five amazing photographers who are on Instagram that are totally worth following. Since this blog is also about photography, here are four … Continue reading Photographers to Follow on Instagram