The Smell of Us Photography Book

Sometimes, I really don’t know how I manage to discover things. One day I was browsing through tumblr and ended up discovering there was an amazing book about the movie Nymphomaniac composed of photographies made by Casper Sejersen. Not only that, the book was available in a photography bookstore in the tiny city of Santa Fe, NM. Today, I discovered that Larry Clark published a book from photographies of his last feature-film, The Smell of Us.


The Smell of Us is a very raw provocative film about youth in the 2010s. We are speaking of Larry Clark after all, but in this film, it’s almost like the director doesn’t care about his audience or tracing a line to separate fiction from reality. Both appear on the screen through a very sketchy script where Clark, who appears in the film as a homeless peeing his pants, is more interested in seeing what’s gonna happen when he sets the scene around its actors than a proper story. The result is a very different and unique kind of film, mixing classical filmmaking with experimental, amateur and internet. The music, then, it’s absolutely amazing.

Then I find this amazing book that I absolutely must have, which contains several photos taken from the movie and the script. The Smell of Us is also another photography book by Larry Clark in collaboration with fashion designer J.W Anderson, which contains photos of the same style of the film with a collection of the designer’s brands. The book this post is about, though, it’s from Larry’s feature. Check out some of the photos of the book below:

the-smell-of-us-larry-clark (2)


the-smell-of-us-larry-clark (3)

the-smell-of-us-larry-clark (1).jpg

the-smell-of-us-larry-clark (4)


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