Lars Von Trier’s Paintings References

When Lars Von Trier's Antichrist premiered in Cannes Film Festival, the director said he was the best director in the world. His arrogance is one of the many things that makes me love him, and despite you agree or disagree with me, you can't deny the man is definitely a genius and probably one of … Continue reading Lars Von Trier’s Paintings References


Timothée Chalamet for L’Officiel Hommes Italy

Timothé Chalament may be only 21-years-old, but he is definitely on the rise to be an important actor from his generation. After staring in the first two seasons of one of my favorite TV shows, Homeland, the American actor ended up being on several movies as Men, Women & Children, Christopher Nolan's Interstellar, Love the … Continue reading Timothée Chalamet for L’Officiel Hommes Italy