What’s In My Bag? (Joy Division Edition)

Since I’m almost done with the Joy Division biography written by Peter Hook, I got myself wondering about everything I own from the band, making me take out everything from the shelves and realize that Joy Division is an obsession that I have been collecting for years now. Since I watched Control when I was 14 years old, to discovering the music, the lyrics and going deeper into Ian Curtis’ death and using the name as inspiration for one of my short-films, I can say that Joy Division keeps following me around and like their music, I keep re-discovering them each time I listen to it. Because of that, I decided to make a list of some of the things I own from the band:

joy div

01. Unknown Pleasures LP: Just like the Nevermind the Bollocks Here’s the Sex Pistols LP, that unique sound everybody keeps talking about seem to come to alive when you play Joy Division on a needle, making the debut album of the band a must-have item on your record collection. I bought this on my first semester living in the US and even though I got to listen years later, Unknown Pleasures is a timeless classic that becomes special once you change the CD for the original release version.

02. Unknown Pleasures t-shirt by H&M: everybody seems to have a Joy Division t-shirt with the radio waves of Pulsar CP 1919 nowadays. H&M, however, released a beautiful white version of the famous logo last year for a very reasonable price, which I’m pretty proud to have it.

03. So This is Permanence by Ian Curtis: this is a book I’ve already talked about on the blog, but I’ll say it again because it’s a very nice book not only because they are the real scans from Ian Curtis drafts, but also because is extremely cheap and it serves as a beautiful table book. The book was edit by Jon Savage and has an introduction by Deborah Curtis.

04. Control (2007) by Anton Corbijin: being one of my first contacts with Joy Division, I thought this film would fade away after my first view ten years ago. After re-watching recently, Control looks good as the first time I watched. Based on the biographical book by Deborah Curtis and directed by the photographer Anton Corbijin, Control is probably the most beautiful homages of the band on the big screen, with an amazing performance by Sam Riley.

05. The Best of Joy Division: I like to say Joy Division wasn’t a band of records because Unknown Pleasures and Closer doesn’t have all the material they recorded, which later it ended up coming out on Substance and Still, with tracks that didn’t make into the first two albums and some Warsaw material. Because of that, The Best of Joy Division is my favorite release of the band because it combines the most important work from them.

06. Inside Joy Division by Peter Hook: being the item that inspired me for doing this post, this book is the biographical version of Peter Hook, the bass player from Joy Division and New Order. Here, Peter not only talks about the rise and fall of Joy Division, but also about its problems, insecurities, and creative process, along with pictures of the band, scans from concerts and comments when the band became New Order. In other words, a must read if you are a fan of the band.


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