Must-Watch Video Clips from 2018

Going with the flow of talking about music in 2018, have you watched many video clips this year? The end of MTV made people watch their favourite singles in video format through Youtube, and the more the time passes, the more impressive video clips seem to become. But what is a good video clip nowadays?

From short-films to bands playing in front of the camera, video clips have always expanded the image of the band with different concepts, messages and even protests. The art of video-clip-making has affected commercials and cinema throughout the years, and they have never been so relevant in terms of production value such as art design and cinematography. Of course we tend to pay more attention to the videos of the artists we like, but we can’t deny good quality video when we see one, and video clips are the easiest to find since they’re for free and accessible for anyone at any time. Because of that, I’ve decided to gather my favourites from 2018.

“This Is America” by Childish Gambino. Directed by Hiro Murai.

Probably the most talked about video clip of the year, and without a doubt one of the best, “This Is America” by Childish Gambino is a brilliant satirical performance of the current America several people still live, mixing racial conflict and violence with a La La Land choreography. Not enough words to describe, you better watch yourself.

“APES**T” by The Carters. Directed by Jenn Nkiru.

I’m not a big fan of Beyonce or Jay-Z, but I’ve always fantasized about the idea of making a video clip at The Louvre. The Carters are not only one of the most powerful couple in the world, but they also managed to nail the idea with the incredible director Jenn Nkiru using the most famous museum of the world as a background of their video clip. The result is astonishing.

“Promises” by Calvin Harris and Sam Smith. Directed by Emil Nava.

Dropped out of nowhere, Calvin Harris and Sam Smith delivered an outstanding single in the middle of the night with an impressive video directed by Emil Nava. With a “Paris Is Burning” vibe, the video focuses on the life of several dancers and drag-queens as a sort of documentary, resulting in something neither Harris or Smith has ever done before.

“If You Really Love Nothing” by Interpol. Directed by Hala Matar.

You may find this a little suspicious as I consider Maurauder by Interpol the best album of the year, but this video clip is simply amazing. Starring Kristen Dunst and Finn Wittrock, the video is some kind of short-film narrating a night of a couple who goes to a bar and reality seem to fade away while the girl starts to seduce everyone around her. Also featuring the band in between shots, “If You Really Love Nothing” is hypnotizing to watch.

“Sway” by Tove Styrke. Directed by Joanna Nordahl.

With an amazing album featuring only 8 songs, “Sway” by Tove Styrke is an amazing single with a supernaturalistic video of two skater friends hanging out on the streets of London. More than an amazing cinematography and direction, the video has a little touching twist at the end that makes even more special. Make sure to check it out!

“Love S.O.S (WWW)” by Justice. Directed by Édouard Salier.

Being a video that literally just came out from Justice’s remix album version of Woman, “Love S.O.S (WWW)” is an amazing and controversial video about a dancer. The outcome of this video explores themes such as beauty, queerness, violence and homophobia. Take a look and take your own conclusions.

“Hunger” by Florence and the Machine. Directed by AG Rojas.

I must say I was a little disappointed with Florence + the Machine’s new album, High On Hope. It’s not bad but compared to How Big How Blue How Beautiful, it leaves a lot to desire. One way or the other, Florence doesn’t let us down when it comes to making outstanding video clips and Hunger is no exception.

“Still Feel” by Half Alive. Directed by Joshua Taylor.

And for last but not least, Half Alive is a band that doesn’t have an album yet, but became super famous thanks to this amazing video. Directed by the lead singer himself, Half Alive proves that you don’t need to be a boy band or a single artist to dance to a choreography, transforming this upbeat dance song into a super catchy video.

What about you? What are the must-watch video clips from 2018 in your opinion?


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