What’s In My Bag? (2019 Music)

It’s not even April and 2019 has everything to be a big year for music. Bands like Vampire Weekend, Tame Impala, Cage the Elephant, Friendly Fires, Lana Del Rey and Fat White Family are about to drop their latest records white our list of the best albums of the year has already started with a few albums so incredible that I’ve decided to talk about them.


“FIVE” by White Lies

Ten years ago, the British post-punk band White Lies released their debut album called To Loose My Life, an incredible and melancholic record that it was hard to imagine that it was made by 19-year-old boys. Having released three albums after that, White Lies remained a solid band that even though it wasn’t the most talked about group of the last decade, it definitely held their own qualities for the fans of the genre. Now, with 30 years old, the members of White Lies have released their best album so far. With only nine tracks, FIVE is an astonishing and powerful record that mixes post-punk references with indie rock in a very dark, mystic and celebratory way, resulting in their best tracks ever.


“Assume Form” by James Blake

James Blake’s style is extremely unique, which may not be the best sound for everybody. But Assume Form is so intriguing and original that is impossible to deny that his latest record is not only great but probably his best. A little more cohesive and upbeat than his latest The Colour In Anything, Assume Form is a short record where minimalistic electronic music is mixed with experimental R&B, accompanied with Blake’s melancholic voice. Some tracks are made to dance while others are made just to sit, relax and enjoy, resulting in a very well-balanced LP that pushes boundaries by experimenting with something new and having confidence with his own style. 


“Sémaphore” by Requin Chagrin

I’ve recently discovered Requin Chagrin after their amazing video-clip Sémaphore, which name became the name of their sophomore album. Sang by a very deep voice by Marion Brunetto, this French band has released an amazing and hypnotic record that mixes the sonority of lo-fi surf pop with indie, making us remember bands like Best Coast and Tame Impala, but here, are presented with a more creative and sophisticated sound, resulting in a brilliant and energetic. It’s worth checking it out!


“Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost – Part 1” by Foals

Another band that has been on the road for about 10 years, Foals have craved their path throughout the years as one of the most successful math-rock bands of the decade. Even though I prefer their first two albums, we can’t deny the great level of quality and originality towards their sound. To celebrate all these years, the band released their fifth record in two parts. The first one is already available and I dare to say is probably their best record since… ever? Extremely powerful and original, Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost – Part 1 is very upbeat, with a lot of electronic elements and synthesizers. The band has already stated that their second part will be more guitar driven and dividing the album in two was a way to fit all the songs they wanted to release without creating an inconstancy on the record.


“Everybody One of a Kind” by Wild Belle

I’m a little suspicious to talk about Wild Belle since they’re one of the bands I’ve been listening to the most since 2015, but since their third album just came out, it’s impossible for me not to talk about it. Being released for the first time from their own record label, Everybody One of a Kind is a brilliant and sophisticated album that mixes the best elements of their first two (Isles and Dreamland), resulting in a celebratory record that mixes rock, reggae, indie, funk and jazz with the angelic voice of Natalie Bergman and his brother Elliot, who conducts the saxophone.


“Nothing Happens” by Wallows

It’s funny how every year the indie rock genre seems so worn out but there is always a band that comes back to the genre trying something different and interesting. This year is Wallows, who funny enough, has Dylan Minnette as one of the members, the young actor who appeared in films such as Don’t Breathe, Goosebumps and the Netflix series 13 Reasons Why. Their debut record is pretty raw but surprisingly good, especially because they don’t seem to take themselves too seriously and aren’t exactly trying to be cool or groundbreaking, resulting in a solid, interesting and entertaining album, proving that less is more.


“Dead Boys” by Sam Fender

Dead Boys may be just an EP, but what Sam Fender is doing is something that will soon explode with the release of his first record, which title hasn’t been announced yet. With an amazing voice and only 24 years old, this British young singer has already won the Brit Awards Critics’ Choice this year and is constantly releasing numerous songs on his Spotify account. Dead Boys is just one of the many powerful releases that you can find online with great vocals and sound, resulting in one of the most promising releases of the year.

What about you? What have you been listening to?


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